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Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't Kill the Karma

Ever been through a heartbreak because your partner cheated on you?
Have you had someone go against your back just to make sure they'll look better than you?
Did someone ever made stories about you just to get them on their side?
Have you experienced defeat because someone didn't play fair and square?
Did you ever feel any anger, hatred, heartbreak, and the like, and you know you didn't deserve it?
Any of the like?

If yes, then read on. If no, still read on because this might be of good use to you or someone dear to you in the near future.

I know how hard it is to go through those heartbreaking experiences. You're heart's filled with hatred and anger against the person/s. You want the world to crash down on them; You want them to fail in their own life; You want them to feel pain - You want them to feel the same way you did when they did it you. Worst, you want them to feel more pain than you did.

Given this, I ask you, do not let your anger get the best of you. Whatever nasty thing they did to you, remember that karma does exist and the people who deserve bad karma will be given such. Do not go on doing revenge just for them to feel the same because sooner or later, you too, will get your karma for doing so.

Remember, you are for more better than those who did such awful things. So do not go down to their level just to make things equal. Be better than them; let them stay at the bottom; remain on top by going on with your life, living by doing the right thing, and lay away with karma getting the best of them. If you're going through something, remember that it'll all pass and you will be better than who you are now. They may be happy now, but one day they will fall to the ground and get what they deserve.

Live the better life, dear friend. You deserve to be happy. And you will be, just be patient, and pray.

I am...

I am a blessed lady because I am given ample times of happiness to feel the wonders of God...
..because I am given just the right challenges to develop me into a better person..
..because I am given enough problems to hone me into someone stronger than I was..
..because I have a family that will always love me no matter what..
..because I have relatives that support me how relatives should..
..because I have friends..true friends, that is..
..because I have a faithful partner..
..because I am who God wants me to be..
..because I simply, live..

Friday, March 16, 2012

Words I live by

"He has a reason for everything"

I like these words because they are very comforting and helps me keep my faith on God.

It is true that we go through things we don't want to be in; Sometimes we fail; There are those who fail a lot; Times when we aren't given what we want; The times when feel down. I could mention a lot of situations that could make us feel as if God hasn't been listening to our prayers; or He has not been fair to us.

But I'd like you to remember, that He ALWAYS listens.

I've read a post saying that God has three answers to our prayers: (1) Yes (2) Not Yet (3) No, because I will give you something better. And it is true.

(1) Yes - We feel most blessed when this is His answer. Isn't it amazing when you feel Him communicating through signs that He will provide for what you need? Most especially when He gives it to us right away. Amazing: that He knows how to provide it to us in such beautiful ways.

(2) Not Yet - We feel only slightly blessed when this is God's answer because in the middle of waiting we feel that we are neglected. But in reality, this is when we are being blessed more. Why you say? When this is God's answer to us, it means that He is taking some thought, molding His answer well; He is making sure that when He gives it to us, it will be at the right time and right place. Why? Because we are His children; because we are special and he wants to make sure that it will work right. When God says, "Not yet" he is doing a favor for us. Instead of us working things out, He has been the one working out things for us.

(3) No, Because I will give you something better - We feel most neglected by God when this is His answer because we feel that He doesn't give us the things we want and need. But this is all because we only focus on the first words of his answer: no. We never take time to feel what follows: because I will give you something better. Believe it or not, we are most blessed when God answers us with this sentence. Haven't you taken the thought, that God never really provides, no, as an answer. He will always give us something better and that if for a reason. We may not know it now, we may not know it ever, but He always has something planned for you that's why He didn't give us what we are asking for. We are most blessed during these times because God will provide us with something better than what we want. He feels that we do not need what we are asking so He doesn't give it to us. Instead, He gives more though into it, and provides a bigger blessing for us. We may not always feel or see those bigger blessings, but He has surely provided us with something bigger.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Year 2011

This year has been such a memorable one for me because this was when I got to experience a lot of things. And yes, things that aren't just about being happy. This was the year when I almost fell down to the ground. That feeling when all you want to do is disappear into thin air as if you don't exist.

But this year was when I learned a lot about life. I learned how to value things I didn't notice before. I got to learn more things about myself. I appreciated life more.

This was the year I graduated.

The year I became a certified Engineer.

The year I became more attached to my family and my clan.

A picture of me before my 18th birthday.
Looking back through the years, I am totally
better than who I was back then.
The year I realized that I am with the man God wants me to be with.

The year I learned that being happy is more important than being at the top.

The year I gained more friends.

The year I realized who weren't my real friends.

The year I was able to be more close to God.

Actually, I'm going out of the topic. The year 2011 isn't my happiest year, it's by far my most memorable year.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Makes Someone Beautiful

Technically, when we say beautiful the common perception for us is the features of the face. If their eyes, nose, mouth, face shape, eyebrows, lashes are all in the perfect state and matches each other's state, then the person is perceived as beautiful.

For me, yes, this is what technically makes someone beautiful. But I believe in the truth that beauty is more than what the face can offer. Yes, I will not deny the fact that a person with perfect-matching features is a beautiful person. But I believe that looks isn't everything. I believe that a person with a kind heart is also beautiful. Sometimes even more beautiful than those whom are commonly perceived as beautiful.

I'm the kind of person who considers attitude as a very big factor in considering persons beauty. No matter how beautiful you are physically, if you've got a rotten attitude then you don't deserve the beauty award.

Meet my Family

My family is AMAZING!!

Don't get me wrong here. Yes, we're not the perfect little family, but we are amazing in our own special way.

My papa's very down-to-earth and should I mention, good looking (hehe). He is very cool as he knows how to adjust to our generation. He's also my gym buddy. I've really looked up to him by motivating me to go to the gym; simply seeing him go there makes myself motivated; If my dad can go to the gym regularly, I can do too. My dad's also cooks very well and our family is very lucky for that. May I also mention, that I got my singing skill (ehem) from him.

My mama is a person you'd really love to be with. She's very outgoing and knows very well how to socialize with people. She's very intelligent and she's a walking wikipedia! She knows how to bring up an interesting conversation. She even knows more about computers than me! She knows how to have fun and likes having an adventure. She got to travel to many places around the world so she's the kind of person who's got a lot to share.

I've got a cousin-turned-brother. Story is he's really my cousin but he's already considered as my brother. I've grown up being with him and him with our family. Yes, like the usual sister-brother relationship, we grew up teasing each other. But in the long run, that's what made our relationship better. Thanks to laptops, movies, internet, we got to find things we like in common. It isn't hard opening up a conversation with him and his very jolly and has a great sense of humor.

I've got a sister (our youngest). We're totally opposites but despite that, we also have a lot of things we like in common. We know how to have a good conversation with each other and we know how to have fun even if it's just the two of us. We find happiness/a reason to smile/a reason to laugh in the most random things. She's also intelligent and is very fun to be with. Like our papa, she's also good in cooking and she's now aspiring to become a chef.

meet our family

Valentine's For All

This may be a late post but I think it's worth posting.

Valentine's Day has been known as the day of love. Most of the time it is perceived as the day for couples; those who are in a relationship. That's why most of those who are single despises the day because they are reminded of being lonely.

Let me just say, I have celebrated this February 14, 2012, as a lucky one. My partner got to come to our city as a break from his work (yes I am in a long distance relationship) and it was our first time to celebrate valentine's day together. But our celebration was sort of  unique and quite out of the traditional.

We woke up 6:30am that day to get dressed up for a jog-turned-walk. We walked from the house up to Session Road. But I think that our walk was still as healthy as it should have been. I think it's what it should be called as a fat-burning walk.

We were supposed to have breakfast at Army Navy at Session Road but the resto was still closed. So we decided to have breakfast at Vizcos. It's a good thing they open up early for people who need to have breakfast at town. I ordered their own made Tocino (it's one of my fave breakfast viand) and he ordered Beef Tapa.

While eating breakfast we talked about my clique from high school and wondered how they were doing. I told him that I like giving gifts to my friends during valentines - particularly those aren't in a relationship so as they won't feel lonely on love day. So he decided to help me do it that day. Right after breakfast we bought some gifts to give to two of my friends. One was at school because she was taking up Medical School, so we delivered it to her there. The other wasn't at her office - it turned out that her day-off was changed - and she wasn't at their store so we weren't able to deliver it to her personally. But what we did paid off because they were really happy of what we did for them.

Right after delivering, we had a quick rest at the house then took a bath and dressed up to have our lunch date at John Hay. We finally got to eat at Army Navy already. I ate my Chicken Burrito while he had his Double Burger. Happy and satisfied, our stomachs were full.

We took a stroll around John Hay to kill time because we were to fetch my nephew (his godson) at school by 3:30pm just as we promised him that day. It was still early so we sat at a picnic table and talked about any random thing we could come up with. I really enjoy talking to him and we don't get to do this often because of his work so I cherished that moment a lot.

We also found time to take fun pictures of ourselves (thanks to camera timers.. hehe). I love how I can be silly with him and not worrying about him getting turned-off.

It started to drizzle so we had to leave John Hay earlier. We arrived at my nephew's school 30 minutes before his dismissal. We were able to see my other nephew (who is also at the same time my godson) there since he went to the same school and had an earlier dismissal.

We brought my nephew (the one we were to fetch) to SM because I had to buy something there and of course at the same time to be able to treat my nephew there and have him enjoy. He got to ride the carousel and the motorcycle rentals.

And since we were at SM already, I thought of also giving a valentine's day gift also to my friend who was working there. I also thought of buying a gift that my nephew could give to his mom when we arrived home.

We went home at around 5pm all happy and satisfied for a very fulfilling valentines day. When me and my partner talked about it when we got home, we talked about how we were able to make ourselves and others happy too that valentines day. Our day was very fulfilling and we're looking forward to more happy days to come - not only for us but for everyone.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Idols and why I look up to them

I have a lot of idols depending in which aspect.

Let me start:

1. Beyonce
taken from:
I really look up to Beyonce for the power she puts into her singing and dancing. If there'd be any award that'll be called "Performer of the Decade" I'd really think that she deserves to have it.

I really love her songs, the music videos, and the way she helps her female listeners build up their confidence about their selves and that they should be strong from within and not just be the usual emotionally weak person.

2. Angeline Jolie
taken from
Known for being Ms. Tomb Raider, Mrs. Smith, Salt.. and many to mention. Her roles perceives the strength of a woman. She is more often seen in action movies where she plays a woman who gets to do the dirty stuff.

I also look up to her because of her sense of lending a hand to those in need as she's an active advocate of UNICEF and has been named a UNHCR Global Ambassadress last August 27, 2001.

3. Johnny Depp
taken from
Of all male actors I like Johnny the best. He's very talented and has a very interesting style of acting. He is even a musician and a great father. He has a heart of a real gentleman and from the news I have read, I see how compassionate he is of people.

I love all the films he has played on and I think that he nailed all of his roles. My favorite movie with him in it of course are the Pirates of Carribean movies. But I so adore the movie The Tourist where he and Angelina Jolie are starred as the main characters.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Something I believe in

I believe that everything has a purpose.

Whatever you're going through right now has a purpose. Today, you might be going through something that's pulling you to the ground, but believe that one day, God will give you something to counteract it; one day you will  be (if not on top) on the best state you should be.

I believe something wasn't given to you because you will be given something better.

I believe that you are losing someone now, because you will be meeting someone better.

I believe there is a reason that you are not up now, because someday, in God's time, you will be.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Favorite quote

I'm having a hard time thinking of my favorite quote. Because as far as I remember, I never had a favorite quote. I, actually, like a lot of quotes and they're all categorized by their message, meaning, and topic.

But since it's February already, and it's known as the month of love, I chose this quote from the Holy Bible.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8a

"Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails."

Monday, February 6, 2012

The best advice you’ve ever heard, or ever been given

Since this question is very timely, I was just given an advice regarding those who have treated me wrongly, said bad - untrue things about me, those who goes against my back. And it sort of went like this:

"They destroy you because they're afraid to accept that you're actually better than them... In the end they will realize that they were fighting for something that would only destroy their selves. Just like the rebels who fight in the remote areas. They stay there fighting for what they 'think' is justice. But in the end they find out that they've got no real friends to back them up from where they fight for their 'justice' - only people who have been using them. Then they come back with regret and sorrow."
I hope you've got the message behind the advice given to me.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What you think when you hear the words “be yourself”

"Be Yourself"

What if the person is aggressive; What if they're quarrelsome; How about those who are too liberated; Even those who don't know how to watch their mouth?

This line can somewhat be taken the wrong way. In my opinion, people with an attitude like the ones mentioned above should learn to regulate theirselves.

I mean, others get their attention by telling them that what their doing isn't nice, that they have to watch their attitude, or tell them to learn when and where to be such; In filipino we say it as, "Ilugar mo naman". Then those people (with the attitude) would answer, "This is who I am", "I'm just being myself".

You can't use this line as an excuse to act immaturely.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Now Hiring: Married Female

I'm bum - as of the moment. And on the process of looking for a job - actually, WAITING for a job. I've applied to some companies already and I've just had my interview last February 1, 2012 (Wednesday). One of the questions asked was, "Do you have any plans of settling down soon" - getting married.

For your curiosity, my answer was, "Not soon, because I want to be able to advance myself in my career before settling down." And I'm lucky to say that that was the answer the interviewee wanted to hear.

I've had a text conversation with one of my friends the night of my interview day. She too was looking for a job. She's older than me, she's married, and she's a mother. It saddened me when she said that she was having a hard time looking for a job because the companies wanted to have employees who are single, younger, and are not supporting any child.

For the sake of those who aren't aware, companies find women who are married as a liability to them because of the benefits they'll have to offer her. For most: married female employee = future pregnancy = 2-3 months maternity leave (Philippines) = recruit part-time substitute = hassle. And I think the formula says it all. It may not apply to all but that's the most general way I could explain it.

And come to think of it, it's really sad. Looking into the situation, these married female looking for a job is the person who would actually need a job. Even more when she's a married female - with kids - looking for a job. Worst, when the applicant is a married female - soon to be annulled - but supporting kid/s, since I'm pretty sure she'd need all the sources to be able to have some income to support herself and the kid/s.

I wish that a solution could be done regarding this so as not be unfair with these applicants. They need all the financial sources they could get. If you're a company mananger/employee/HR member/owner: hope you'd be able to help into bringing up this issue to make a solution. I'm pretty sure doing so would help a lot of families.

If you're a mom, and currently in this kind of situation, my best advice is: be patient and don't give up. I also suggest to start with a business of your own. Just a small business would be ok.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Wow! Only a True Friend Would be that Truly Honest" - Donkey

That's a line that Donkey said on the first film of the movie Shrek. He said it quick enough for viewers to not grasp the true meaning of the line - too bad. But I've come across a picture of Donkey with this line written on it. It really caught my attention because Shrek was one of my favorite animated movies and I was quite curious because I never remembered Donkey say it during the movie. So that time, I tried to google about that line and I came up with websites giving the dialogues of the movie and this line did exist.

I've also found some discussions regarding this line and a lot of them were quite interesting.

As for me, the essence of this line is very meaningful. I've been through discussions where in people say things they don't like about a person. What hurts is that most of this discussions come between friends. Let's be honest, that most of us don't have the courage to say to an individual what's wrong about them; that what their doing is wrong. And I'm pretty sure that a lot of us have got some insights regarding a friend's opinion which is totally against theirs, but you're to afraid to go against them. Maybe a time occurred that your friend's choice on a piece of clothing, color, hairstyle, and the like seemed unfit but you were too afraid to mention because they might think wrong of your suggestion.

There are a lot of different situations common to these. And  I ask you this question: was there even one time that you were brave enough to tell your friend the truth during particular situations like these? If your answer is none then I think you'll have to think if you're really a friend or your just being a "friend" for the sake of the company/benefits/etc.

Donkey's line is true in the essence that: if you consider a person your friend, you'd be honest enough to tell them about those things even when you know that they might get hurt; even though you know that they might misinterpret it; even if it they might get misled; even if you don't know if they'd take it positively or not. Because only a true friend would be that honest to you - and take note: they're that honest to you because they don't want you to continue doing something that might lead you to the wrong path.

So if you've got a friend who took the courage to tell you something you're doing wrong; to tell you that the outfit your wearing has got something wrong about it; that your hairstyle doesn't suit you; to tell them their opinion which is against yours; maybe some of them didn't go on your side during a fight - please do me a favor and give them a tight hug and say, "Thank You". I'm pretty sure that they've had to go down to the deepest area of their gut just to be able to tell you that and it's all because they care enough to correct you and not let you go on doing the same mistake.

If you think that they've said it in a way that's too offending, I suggest, tell them. For your friendship's sake. Listen to what they have to say. And I hope you'd get the courage to accept that mistake they've mentioned to you. If you think that what you did isn't a mistake explain it well but don't forget to say thank you because, in my opinion, at least they are true enough to call that thing to your attention.

And if your that friend who knows how to have that courage to be truly honest, then take this reminder with  you: always be cautious with your words and know how to approach your friend in a humble manner.

A movie that has changed me, and how

I will never forget the movie 3 idiots. It has influenced me very positively right after I've watched it. This movie was introduced to me by one of our college instructors when we asked her if she could suggest us a good project study. She told us to watch this movie because we need all the inspiration we could get.

I wasn't able to watch it right after because my mind was preoccupied of our project study, academic requirements, organization work, and a lot of social problems. In short, I didn't have ample time to watch a movie

But then, my group mate said that he watched the movie and said that it was really very inspiring and that I should set aside all my worries first and watch it ASAP because it was going to be worth it. Curious as I was, I followed what he said and watched the movie at home, alone, on my laptop.

And there, it was really worth it. The movie was one of the best movies I have ever watched. The story was very clever and interesting and the message was very uplifting and inspiring - most especially for a student like me, that time, who was taking up Mechanical Engineering. After watching the movie, I was pushed even more to have a positive outlook in life, to do better in my studies, to follow my dreams, to value my friendship with my friends, and to not be afraid of what is in store for me.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone. ALL IS WELL!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Something you would change about the world

The world, as I see it is as perfect as it should be as I do believe that He created it with His own liking so I wouldn't want to change anything about it.

What I would change would be the people that treat world in a way the world should not be treated.

A lot of people are negligent of what He has provided us - the world. Negligent in a way that some people don't take care of what He has given us. They take advantage of what He gave us and never take into consideration the limits.

How I'd wish how people would be more aware of the needs of the world; the earth; the environment. Because who knows what would happen if we don't take care of mother earth.

I'm quite saddened by those who just wouldn't learn! I remember that it was only a week after the people of Baguio have quite recovered from the disaster Typhoon Ondoy, then I already see three (3) people just throwing trash in the street. I'm glad that I and the people who saw them took their attention. But it was still a heartbreaking scene.