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Friday, March 16, 2012

Words I live by

"He has a reason for everything"

I like these words because they are very comforting and helps me keep my faith on God.

It is true that we go through things we don't want to be in; Sometimes we fail; There are those who fail a lot; Times when we aren't given what we want; The times when feel down. I could mention a lot of situations that could make us feel as if God hasn't been listening to our prayers; or He has not been fair to us.

But I'd like you to remember, that He ALWAYS listens.

I've read a post saying that God has three answers to our prayers: (1) Yes (2) Not Yet (3) No, because I will give you something better. And it is true.

(1) Yes - We feel most blessed when this is His answer. Isn't it amazing when you feel Him communicating through signs that He will provide for what you need? Most especially when He gives it to us right away. Amazing: that He knows how to provide it to us in such beautiful ways.

(2) Not Yet - We feel only slightly blessed when this is God's answer because in the middle of waiting we feel that we are neglected. But in reality, this is when we are being blessed more. Why you say? When this is God's answer to us, it means that He is taking some thought, molding His answer well; He is making sure that when He gives it to us, it will be at the right time and right place. Why? Because we are His children; because we are special and he wants to make sure that it will work right. When God says, "Not yet" he is doing a favor for us. Instead of us working things out, He has been the one working out things for us.

(3) No, Because I will give you something better - We feel most neglected by God when this is His answer because we feel that He doesn't give us the things we want and need. But this is all because we only focus on the first words of his answer: no. We never take time to feel what follows: because I will give you something better. Believe it or not, we are most blessed when God answers us with this sentence. Haven't you taken the thought, that God never really provides, no, as an answer. He will always give us something better and that if for a reason. We may not know it now, we may not know it ever, but He always has something planned for you that's why He didn't give us what we are asking for. We are most blessed during these times because God will provide us with something better than what we want. He feels that we do not need what we are asking so He doesn't give it to us. Instead, He gives more though into it, and provides a bigger blessing for us. We may not always feel or see those bigger blessings, but He has surely provided us with something bigger.

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