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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Valentine's For All

This may be a late post but I think it's worth posting.

Valentine's Day has been known as the day of love. Most of the time it is perceived as the day for couples; those who are in a relationship. That's why most of those who are single despises the day because they are reminded of being lonely.

Let me just say, I have celebrated this February 14, 2012, as a lucky one. My partner got to come to our city as a break from his work (yes I am in a long distance relationship) and it was our first time to celebrate valentine's day together. But our celebration was sort of  unique and quite out of the traditional.

We woke up 6:30am that day to get dressed up for a jog-turned-walk. We walked from the house up to Session Road. But I think that our walk was still as healthy as it should have been. I think it's what it should be called as a fat-burning walk.

We were supposed to have breakfast at Army Navy at Session Road but the resto was still closed. So we decided to have breakfast at Vizcos. It's a good thing they open up early for people who need to have breakfast at town. I ordered their own made Tocino (it's one of my fave breakfast viand) and he ordered Beef Tapa.

While eating breakfast we talked about my clique from high school and wondered how they were doing. I told him that I like giving gifts to my friends during valentines - particularly those aren't in a relationship so as they won't feel lonely on love day. So he decided to help me do it that day. Right after breakfast we bought some gifts to give to two of my friends. One was at school because she was taking up Medical School, so we delivered it to her there. The other wasn't at her office - it turned out that her day-off was changed - and she wasn't at their store so we weren't able to deliver it to her personally. But what we did paid off because they were really happy of what we did for them.

Right after delivering, we had a quick rest at the house then took a bath and dressed up to have our lunch date at John Hay. We finally got to eat at Army Navy already. I ate my Chicken Burrito while he had his Double Burger. Happy and satisfied, our stomachs were full.

We took a stroll around John Hay to kill time because we were to fetch my nephew (his godson) at school by 3:30pm just as we promised him that day. It was still early so we sat at a picnic table and talked about any random thing we could come up with. I really enjoy talking to him and we don't get to do this often because of his work so I cherished that moment a lot.

We also found time to take fun pictures of ourselves (thanks to camera timers.. hehe). I love how I can be silly with him and not worrying about him getting turned-off.

It started to drizzle so we had to leave John Hay earlier. We arrived at my nephew's school 30 minutes before his dismissal. We were able to see my other nephew (who is also at the same time my godson) there since he went to the same school and had an earlier dismissal.

We brought my nephew (the one we were to fetch) to SM because I had to buy something there and of course at the same time to be able to treat my nephew there and have him enjoy. He got to ride the carousel and the motorcycle rentals.

And since we were at SM already, I thought of also giving a valentine's day gift also to my friend who was working there. I also thought of buying a gift that my nephew could give to his mom when we arrived home.

We went home at around 5pm all happy and satisfied for a very fulfilling valentines day. When me and my partner talked about it when we got home, we talked about how we were able to make ourselves and others happy too that valentines day. Our day was very fulfilling and we're looking forward to more happy days to come - not only for us but for everyone.

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