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Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't Kill the Karma

Ever been through a heartbreak because your partner cheated on you?
Have you had someone go against your back just to make sure they'll look better than you?
Did someone ever made stories about you just to get them on their side?
Have you experienced defeat because someone didn't play fair and square?
Did you ever feel any anger, hatred, heartbreak, and the like, and you know you didn't deserve it?
Any of the like?

If yes, then read on. If no, still read on because this might be of good use to you or someone dear to you in the near future.

I know how hard it is to go through those heartbreaking experiences. You're heart's filled with hatred and anger against the person/s. You want the world to crash down on them; You want them to fail in their own life; You want them to feel pain - You want them to feel the same way you did when they did it you. Worst, you want them to feel more pain than you did.

Given this, I ask you, do not let your anger get the best of you. Whatever nasty thing they did to you, remember that karma does exist and the people who deserve bad karma will be given such. Do not go on doing revenge just for them to feel the same because sooner or later, you too, will get your karma for doing so.

Remember, you are for more better than those who did such awful things. So do not go down to their level just to make things equal. Be better than them; let them stay at the bottom; remain on top by going on with your life, living by doing the right thing, and lay away with karma getting the best of them. If you're going through something, remember that it'll all pass and you will be better than who you are now. They may be happy now, but one day they will fall to the ground and get what they deserve.

Live the better life, dear friend. You deserve to be happy. And you will be, just be patient, and pray.