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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A movie that has changed me, and how

I will never forget the movie 3 idiots. It has influenced me very positively right after I've watched it. This movie was introduced to me by one of our college instructors when we asked her if she could suggest us a good project study. She told us to watch this movie because we need all the inspiration we could get.

I wasn't able to watch it right after because my mind was preoccupied of our project study, academic requirements, organization work, and a lot of social problems. In short, I didn't have ample time to watch a movie

But then, my group mate said that he watched the movie and said that it was really very inspiring and that I should set aside all my worries first and watch it ASAP because it was going to be worth it. Curious as I was, I followed what he said and watched the movie at home, alone, on my laptop.

And there, it was really worth it. The movie was one of the best movies I have ever watched. The story was very clever and interesting and the message was very uplifting and inspiring - most especially for a student like me, that time, who was taking up Mechanical Engineering. After watching the movie, I was pushed even more to have a positive outlook in life, to do better in my studies, to follow my dreams, to value my friendship with my friends, and to not be afraid of what is in store for me.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone. ALL IS WELL!!!

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