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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Idols and why I look up to them

I have a lot of idols depending in which aspect.

Let me start:

1. Beyonce
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I really look up to Beyonce for the power she puts into her singing and dancing. If there'd be any award that'll be called "Performer of the Decade" I'd really think that she deserves to have it.

I really love her songs, the music videos, and the way she helps her female listeners build up their confidence about their selves and that they should be strong from within and not just be the usual emotionally weak person.

2. Angeline Jolie
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Known for being Ms. Tomb Raider, Mrs. Smith, Salt.. and many to mention. Her roles perceives the strength of a woman. She is more often seen in action movies where she plays a woman who gets to do the dirty stuff.

I also look up to her because of her sense of lending a hand to those in need as she's an active advocate of UNICEF and has been named a UNHCR Global Ambassadress last August 27, 2001.

3. Johnny Depp
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Of all male actors I like Johnny the best. He's very talented and has a very interesting style of acting. He is even a musician and a great father. He has a heart of a real gentleman and from the news I have read, I see how compassionate he is of people.

I love all the films he has played on and I think that he nailed all of his roles. My favorite movie with him in it of course are the Pirates of Carribean movies. But I so adore the movie The Tourist where he and Angelina Jolie are starred as the main characters.

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