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Friday, February 3, 2012

Now Hiring: Married Female

I'm bum - as of the moment. And on the process of looking for a job - actually, WAITING for a job. I've applied to some companies already and I've just had my interview last February 1, 2012 (Wednesday). One of the questions asked was, "Do you have any plans of settling down soon" - getting married.

For your curiosity, my answer was, "Not soon, because I want to be able to advance myself in my career before settling down." And I'm lucky to say that that was the answer the interviewee wanted to hear.

I've had a text conversation with one of my friends the night of my interview day. She too was looking for a job. She's older than me, she's married, and she's a mother. It saddened me when she said that she was having a hard time looking for a job because the companies wanted to have employees who are single, younger, and are not supporting any child.

For the sake of those who aren't aware, companies find women who are married as a liability to them because of the benefits they'll have to offer her. For most: married female employee = future pregnancy = 2-3 months maternity leave (Philippines) = recruit part-time substitute = hassle. And I think the formula says it all. It may not apply to all but that's the most general way I could explain it.

And come to think of it, it's really sad. Looking into the situation, these married female looking for a job is the person who would actually need a job. Even more when she's a married female - with kids - looking for a job. Worst, when the applicant is a married female - soon to be annulled - but supporting kid/s, since I'm pretty sure she'd need all the sources to be able to have some income to support herself and the kid/s.

I wish that a solution could be done regarding this so as not be unfair with these applicants. They need all the financial sources they could get. If you're a company mananger/employee/HR member/owner: hope you'd be able to help into bringing up this issue to make a solution. I'm pretty sure doing so would help a lot of families.

If you're a mom, and currently in this kind of situation, my best advice is: be patient and don't give up. I also suggest to start with a business of your own. Just a small business would be ok.

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