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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet my Family

My family is AMAZING!!

Don't get me wrong here. Yes, we're not the perfect little family, but we are amazing in our own special way.

My papa's very down-to-earth and should I mention, good looking (hehe). He is very cool as he knows how to adjust to our generation. He's also my gym buddy. I've really looked up to him by motivating me to go to the gym; simply seeing him go there makes myself motivated; If my dad can go to the gym regularly, I can do too. My dad's also cooks very well and our family is very lucky for that. May I also mention, that I got my singing skill (ehem) from him.

My mama is a person you'd really love to be with. She's very outgoing and knows very well how to socialize with people. She's very intelligent and she's a walking wikipedia! She knows how to bring up an interesting conversation. She even knows more about computers than me! She knows how to have fun and likes having an adventure. She got to travel to many places around the world so she's the kind of person who's got a lot to share.

I've got a cousin-turned-brother. Story is he's really my cousin but he's already considered as my brother. I've grown up being with him and him with our family. Yes, like the usual sister-brother relationship, we grew up teasing each other. But in the long run, that's what made our relationship better. Thanks to laptops, movies, internet, we got to find things we like in common. It isn't hard opening up a conversation with him and his very jolly and has a great sense of humor.

I've got a sister (our youngest). We're totally opposites but despite that, we also have a lot of things we like in common. We know how to have a good conversation with each other and we know how to have fun even if it's just the two of us. We find happiness/a reason to smile/a reason to laugh in the most random things. She's also intelligent and is very fun to be with. Like our papa, she's also good in cooking and she's now aspiring to become a chef.

meet our family

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