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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Wow! Only a True Friend Would be that Truly Honest" - Donkey

That's a line that Donkey said on the first film of the movie Shrek. He said it quick enough for viewers to not grasp the true meaning of the line - too bad. But I've come across a picture of Donkey with this line written on it. It really caught my attention because Shrek was one of my favorite animated movies and I was quite curious because I never remembered Donkey say it during the movie. So that time, I tried to google about that line and I came up with websites giving the dialogues of the movie and this line did exist.

I've also found some discussions regarding this line and a lot of them were quite interesting.

As for me, the essence of this line is very meaningful. I've been through discussions where in people say things they don't like about a person. What hurts is that most of this discussions come between friends. Let's be honest, that most of us don't have the courage to say to an individual what's wrong about them; that what their doing is wrong. And I'm pretty sure that a lot of us have got some insights regarding a friend's opinion which is totally against theirs, but you're to afraid to go against them. Maybe a time occurred that your friend's choice on a piece of clothing, color, hairstyle, and the like seemed unfit but you were too afraid to mention because they might think wrong of your suggestion.

There are a lot of different situations common to these. And  I ask you this question: was there even one time that you were brave enough to tell your friend the truth during particular situations like these? If your answer is none then I think you'll have to think if you're really a friend or your just being a "friend" for the sake of the company/benefits/etc.

Donkey's line is true in the essence that: if you consider a person your friend, you'd be honest enough to tell them about those things even when you know that they might get hurt; even though you know that they might misinterpret it; even if it they might get misled; even if you don't know if they'd take it positively or not. Because only a true friend would be that honest to you - and take note: they're that honest to you because they don't want you to continue doing something that might lead you to the wrong path.

So if you've got a friend who took the courage to tell you something you're doing wrong; to tell you that the outfit your wearing has got something wrong about it; that your hairstyle doesn't suit you; to tell them their opinion which is against yours; maybe some of them didn't go on your side during a fight - please do me a favor and give them a tight hug and say, "Thank You". I'm pretty sure that they've had to go down to the deepest area of their gut just to be able to tell you that and it's all because they care enough to correct you and not let you go on doing the same mistake.

If you think that they've said it in a way that's too offending, I suggest, tell them. For your friendship's sake. Listen to what they have to say. And I hope you'd get the courage to accept that mistake they've mentioned to you. If you think that what you did isn't a mistake explain it well but don't forget to say thank you because, in my opinion, at least they are true enough to call that thing to your attention.

And if your that friend who knows how to have that courage to be truly honest, then take this reminder with  you: always be cautious with your words and know how to approach your friend in a humble manner.

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