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Friday, March 2, 2012

Year 2011

This year has been such a memorable one for me because this was when I got to experience a lot of things. And yes, things that aren't just about being happy. This was the year when I almost fell down to the ground. That feeling when all you want to do is disappear into thin air as if you don't exist.

But this year was when I learned a lot about life. I learned how to value things I didn't notice before. I got to learn more things about myself. I appreciated life more.

This was the year I graduated.

The year I became a certified Engineer.

The year I became more attached to my family and my clan.

A picture of me before my 18th birthday.
Looking back through the years, I am totally
better than who I was back then.
The year I realized that I am with the man God wants me to be with.

The year I learned that being happy is more important than being at the top.

The year I gained more friends.

The year I realized who weren't my real friends.

The year I was able to be more close to God.

Actually, I'm going out of the topic. The year 2011 isn't my happiest year, it's by far my most memorable year.

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