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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Makes Someone Beautiful

Technically, when we say beautiful the common perception for us is the features of the face. If their eyes, nose, mouth, face shape, eyebrows, lashes are all in the perfect state and matches each other's state, then the person is perceived as beautiful.

For me, yes, this is what technically makes someone beautiful. But I believe in the truth that beauty is more than what the face can offer. Yes, I will not deny the fact that a person with perfect-matching features is a beautiful person. But I believe that looks isn't everything. I believe that a person with a kind heart is also beautiful. Sometimes even more beautiful than those whom are commonly perceived as beautiful.

I'm the kind of person who considers attitude as a very big factor in considering persons beauty. No matter how beautiful you are physically, if you've got a rotten attitude then you don't deserve the beauty award.

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