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Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Wishlist (Pricey Version :p)

Christmas is just around the corner. We crave for gifts to receive. But in reality? They're too expensive for people to just give it to you. Ahihi... But wishing doesn't hurt anyone. So here are most of the gifts expensive-much that are part of my wishlist this year :)

1. Gym Bag - I'm putting "more time for gym" on my new year's resolution for next year. So I really want to be equipped with good stuff that I could use when going to the gym. And what's better than having a good gym bag to put them in.

2. Gym Shoes - With regards to the Gym Bag I also want another pair of of durable gym shoes. I already got a pair it's also from Nike. But I've been having trouble of always forgetting my shoes when I travel from my Hometown down to Metro Manila or vice versa. So I'm really in need of another pair so I could leave one pair in each place.

3. Wedge - I am vertically challenged!!! :p But thanks to the fashion industry I can look taller than I really am. So I'm hoping to add up more shoes with heels in my "collection". I like wedges more since they're more comfortable to walk in - no more than 2" heels. I so love the designs of these two wedges and they're quite cheaper than the
usual wedges. You can find these wedges
at so fab botiques.

4. Oxfords - I'm a fan of flat shoes (even when I'm vertically challenged :p) because I love how they fit into my tootsies and how they comfortable they are to use during long walks. So, the first time I saw oxfords on display, I couldn't help but crave for one! This oxford is also from so fab.

5. Footzyrolls - I've been through times when I go through parties, meetings, conferences, etc. where in my feet always end up aching because of the shoes I wear (formal shoes/heels/stilettos). Bad thing is I always don't get to bring more comfortable shoes because they're too bulky to put in my bag along with my other stuff. Then again, thanks to fashion, designers came up with flats that could be folded or rolled which makes it very convenient to bring. Footzyrolls is one specific brand of rollable shoes. You could also find foldable flats at the online shop: Whatta Girlwants.

6. Sienna Wood Bead Bag - Aqua - I'm quite fond of bags. I usually go for bags that can carry a lot of load since I bring a lot of things with me most of the time. I'm loving how the color combination of this bag and it will add some oomph in my daily wear. What I also like about this bag is that it's not like the ordinary bags I usually use so it's gonna be something new for me.

7. Studio Boheme Customized Satchel - I've once saw a picture of a satchel somewhat like this. It was plain mint green. It was like love at first sight. hehe!!! So I started to post its pic on facebook and a few of my friends told me where to buy it. I saw same bags at Greenhills but then its price was way beyond my budget that time. I was also given a link and viola!! I found studio boheme. And what's great about it? --> it makes customized satchels.

8. Urban Decay's Naked Palette - I've first seen this from my friend when we met up at a mall. And there it was again love at first sight. ahihi!! I love the colors and I do believe that all of the colors would complement my complexion a lot unlike other colors so buying the whole set wouldn't be a waste. My friend also tells me that it blends in well and stays on the lids making it very durable.

9. Primer - Okay, I do confess that I also got a thing for make up. But I DO confess that I'm not that much updated. So, thanks to my friends blog (check it out!!! >> Krizia Jeannine) I got to learn about primers. I haven't tried using it yet but based on her blog entry it pretty much seems a good investment most of all now that I'm getting more fond up putting make up on myself.

10. White polo dress - Among my interests, I'm also quite into fashion. Thanks to Cosmopolitan Philippines Magazine who came up with a wardrobe workbook during their October 2011 issue, I got to find out how useful having this clothing as part of my wardrobe since it can be mixed and matched with a lot of clothing pieces. Cosmopolitan Mag October 2011 issue also shows a lot of different clothes that you can mix and match so try grabbing a copy (I think some of this issue are still in stock in some magazine stands).

11. Lace Dress - I adored Mango's featured lace dress on Cosmopolitan Mag November 2011 issue. Red and cute! I would love having a lace dress as part of my wardrobe because I really find it as an interesting and trendy piece of fashion. I'm starting to wear dresses more often now so I'm really willing to try one of these. You could also check out the online shop WhoWhat Wear's Lace Dress which she sells for an affordable price.

12. Dress. PERIOD. - I repeat, sorta, I'm loving dresses now. And these two dresses that I've seen posted on tumblr really caught my eye. The one the left side would really be perfect for an afternoon walk with my family, friends, and partner. The one on the right would be a perfect outfit on a semi-formal event.

13. Lazy Day Pants - I don't remember the first I saw this piece of fashion out in the industry. But I do remember that I've wanting to have one ever since. I was planning to buy one during my last year in college but then I was having second thoughts because I really didn't know if I'd be able to use it most especially that we wore corporate attire almost everyday at school. Another reason was that I wasn't that much into experimenting on my everyday wear. But now that I'm more adventurous with it I'm going back to wanting it. I got to buy a black one at greenhills which I was able to wear during my second job interview and it really was a comfy fit. Now I'm hoping to be able to buy another piece of a different color. Hopefully same color as this one. Note: WhoWhat Wear online shop also sells lazy pants and I actually got this image from it's account.

14. Floral Skirt - I'm getting quite addicted to floral designs. I really gives me a happy feel and I feel that when I'm gonna use floral designs I'm gonna make other feell happy too. ahihi! I'm not that much into skirts, but I thought: since I'm starting to like wearing dresses I should also try skirts.

15. iPhone 5? - Yes, it goes with a question mark because at this moment iPhone 5 hasn't been released yet but I'm looking forward to it and I'm actually considering of saving up for it, hopefully. I'm actually choosing between this and Blackberry but then a friend of mine told me that this phone suits my needs more and that I'm gonna love how I'd be able to install games in it.

16. Teacup Pomeranian - Last but not the least, I came up with this picture also in tumblr. It really got my attention because it's just so cute I wanna die!!!! ahihi!! :) Well I haven't come across this breed in person and I'm not sure if this breed could be found here in the Philippines but once I get enough money to take care of a dog I'm really considering this one.

Well I hope you enjoyed browsing the pictures of this blog and reading my insights about them. Who knows, maybe you'd want one of these things too!! :)

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