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Monday, October 31, 2011

My Imperfect Superman

The comical superman is known for his great strength and boldness; of being handsome, tall, and intelligent; of containing super powers to save any damsel in distress. What else can a lady ask for?

But then on a ordinary day, with the rain spattering on my head, no man would come swooping down to fly me out of the rain in a jiffy. But one man would come running towards me; crossing the busy and wet road between us; carrying a umbrella just the right size for the two of us; and we'd walk together side by side in the pouring rain.

My superman isn't as perfect as Clark Kent. He may not be the man every girl wishes for. But he is MY superman.

Imperfect for he is a real human being. Someone who won't save me during my damsel-in-distress-moments but would rather be with me always even when I don't need saving. He commits mistakes like all people. He makes me hurt, sad, and mad from time to time. But I am lucky enough to feel this kinds of emotions with him for I know I only feel this because of the love we have for each other. But this emotions never last long. For our love is stronger than any other negative emotion a relationship could bring.

Yes, we have had our ups and downs. We have fought each other; We cried; We shouted; We have hurt each others feelings. But never have those times destroyed our care for each other. For we believe that in true love, love will always win.

Yes, he is my superman and I shall not wish for any other man to replace him. He has been with me during my most darkest times and made sure that I would always turn out right.

The superman who have saved me from the life that would have destroyed me.
The superman who have saved me from the negativism.
The superman who have saved me from myself.
The superman whom I will love forever no matter what kryptonite he has in his life.

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