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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not worthy of Lies (My Own Opinion)

Some of you may think that it's better to lie to your partner rather than having them worry too much about you; rather than going through an argument; rather than getting her hurt; rather than having your partner get mad.
But in my opinion: those reasons are so wrong!
Opinion (1). It's better for me to know the truth and just go on with worrying. - As a partner to worry is part of my job. You can't prevent your partner from worrying because they love you; they care about you; they don't want anything bad to happen to you. Worrying isn't something bad. It's part of a good relationship. If I didn't worry about you, that just means that you ain't mean something to me. Just let me worry.
-another things is: would you rather let me worry now, or face me mad when I get to know in the end that you lied.
Opinion (2). When you lie to your partner you are risking something big in your relationship - YOUR PARTNER'S TRUST. - oh yes! I do believe in karma. One way or the other, the truth will always come out. And if it comes out and your partner get to know it you will make her think that it wasn't the first time you've lied to her/him. Also, your partner would think that you'd do it again in the future - if ever there'd still be a future for the both of you.
-You read right on the previous paragraph - "..if ever there'd still be a future for the both of you." A lot of people have trust issues and believes that you can't love someone you can't trust.
Opinion (3). It's better to argue about the issue NOW than LATER. -Yes, if theissue isn't something good, most probably you and your partner with just argue. But believe me, it's better to argue about the issue alone than argue about the issue together with the issue of you lying.
Opinion (4). Knowing that you lied would hurt more. -You kept something from your partner because you didn't want him/her to get hurt or get mad. But that reasons not worth it. First of all, once your partner gets to know that you lied to him/her, it would hurt her more because they'd think that they weren't worthy to know the truth; they ain't part of your life to know that kind of detail in your life. Secondly, yes, maybe (or maybe not) your partner would get mad. If the issue is really that bad, expect that he/she would really get mad. But having them as your partner, they deserve to know it. If you partner truly loves you, no matter how bad the issue is, they'd stand by you, love you, and accept you. Maybe it wouldn't be easy at first, buy hey, if you really love each other - and I do mean really love each other - you wouldn't allow your relationship to be destroyed by anything.
Opinion (5). You chose to love your partner - being honest to him/her is one of the best foundations in your relationship. Loving is one of the best things on earth. Don't let lying waste your chance of loving someone who really means something to you.

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