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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Because Talent Ain't Enough

I'm not boasting, I just want to say, I sing and I can sing.

Just give me this one chance, at least to shout out to the whole world how much I love to sing... to perform.... Some say I'm just loving the praise from everyone; the attention. It actually hurts knowing people who feels this way about people who love to perform. But no, that is not my motif. I just love doing it.

It's all about the beauty of being able to do the things you love to do; That feeling when you get to do something, and you actually enjoy it - being appreciated for it is just extra points - for the real performers actually.

To start, I've been singing ever since I was toddler. I've only got to develop it during my early elementary days due to extra curricular activities. I also started to take voice lessons (classical approach) to develop it more. But I don't remember how long I took voice lessons and how old I was that time.

Sadly, I had to stop taking up voice lessons because I was kind of hard up already with my studies especially when I participate in a lot of our extra curricular activities at school that time.

Fast forward to highschool: I got to join our school choir which was very significant for me. It was also a nice experience getting to know more of the singing community; people who share my passion in the particular talent that God has given us.

But the joy of being able to perform with this group didn't last. Issues came along with this group and I had no choice but to leave the group because it was destroying my leadership responsibilities in the student council as well as my academic persistence.

Lucky was I that our school had a lot of extra curricular activities which allowed me to perform from time to time. But beyond those times I didn't get any chance at all.

I really wanted to perform at outside school activities. But then I'm really a very committed student so I really had to keep my student responsibilities as my priorities.

Fourth year high school: the year where me and my batchmates became busy applying for college examinations. We were caught up with the thought of deciding which career to pursue for our upcoming college life. And yes, I wanted to take up music as my career. Or maybe performing arts. Because I knew if I worked with my passion then I'd be happy and successful.

But then reality struck me at the last minute. Performing arts wasn't a real career as what people say. They said I didn't have a good future in line with that career. They told me how I may be successful at first but in the long run I'd lose the gist of it all.

So being practical, I decided to lay away with my dream career and go with the courses that would mean "successful" in the long run.

Looking back up to that day: it still hurts my heart. Thinking of how many times I gave up chances to do my passion as a living for me for the reason that it isn't enough to support my living. Somehow, I regret having to decide on that. Up to now I still crave to do more on my passion. Sadly, I can't do that because of different matters.

But then, I'm still thankful that I get to go do karaoke with friends and family. Often I even sing myself out at home just to do what I love the most.

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